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Join Santa Cruz County Employees Credit Union and discover the value of credit union membership.

Santa Cruz County Employees Credit Union was established in 1953 to provide basic savings accounts and personal loans to county employees.  Today SCCECU is a full service financial institution offering a full array of financial products and services to all local governmental employees in Santa Cruz County as well as the employees of select local non-profit agencies.

The mission of the Santa Cruz County Employees Credit Union is to meet the financial service needs and expectations of our member owners by providing products and services of outstanding quality and value, to encourage responsible saving and borrowing, and to maintain the safety and soundness of the credit union through quality management.

At first glance, one might think that there is very little difference between credit unions and banks. Both are full-service financial institutions offering a wide variety of financial products and services. However, there is a crucial difference: at a bank you are a customer; at a credit union you are a member. This difference can have a big impact on the rates paid for deposits, the rates charged for loans, how much you pay for financial services, and the quality of service which you receive.

The first and foremost mission of a bank is to provide profits for its stockholders. A bank seeks to extract as much money from customers as it possibly can in order to maximize profits for payment to the stock holders.

A credit union's first and foremost mission is to provide value and service to its members. There are no outside stockholders who have to be satisfied first. Credit Unions exist for one and only one reason: to provide the best financial products and services for members at the lowest possible cost. National surveys consistently find that consumers rate the value of credit union products and services significantly higher than they do for banks.

Here at the Santa Cruz County Employees Credit Union we take great pride in the value we offer our members. We are committed to the credit union ideal of “People Helping People.”

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To apply for membership, first determine if you're eligible, then visit us at a our main office.

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Federal Savings Insurance

Your savings accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).