Schedule of Fees

Effective January 1, 2013

New Member Fee $5.00/ea
Close Membership Fee (5-90 Days After Opening) $5.00/ea
Teller Assisted Phone Transfer $2.00/ea
Low Balance Fee - Savings (Daily Balance Below $100) $5.00/ea
Excessive Savings Acct Withdrawal Fee (>3 per Month) $5.00/ea
Checking Account Service Fee $7.50/mo
Non-Sufficient Funds $29.00/ea
Overdraft Transfer Fee $2.00/ea
Debit Card Replacement $10.00/ea
New Debit Card Pin $2.00/ea
Personal Check Orders Mkt Price
Copy of Paid Personal Check (Teller Assisted) $3.00/ea
Foreign ATM Fee (>4 per month) $2.00/ea
Return Item (Deposited, Cashed, Loan Payment) $15.00/ea
Redeposit Item $15.00/ea
Verification of Deposit 20.00/ea
Compliance With Legal Order $100.00/ea
Wire Transfer (Receiving) $12.00/ea
Wire Transfer (Sending) $25.00/ea
International Wire Transfer (sending) $45.00/ea
Account Research $25.00/hr
CU Check Issued To 3rd Party $5.00/ea
Copy of CU Issued Check $5.00/ea
Notice of Escheat $3.00/ea
Copy of Statement/Document (Teller Assisted) $2.00/ea
Stop Payment Fee $29.00/ea
Demand For Payoff $30.00/ea
Reconveyance $45.00/ea
Dormant Account Fee (No activity for 2 years) $5.00/mo
Returned Mail Processing Fee $5.00/ea